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You will spend time planning the details of your wedding, building in ideas and thoughts that have a special meaning for you. From your choice of rings to the colour of bridesmaids’ dresses and the groomsmen’s ties and the table dressings at the reception, your plans will create a unique and very special day.

Our aim is to help you capture each of those elements in a way which compliments the story of your wedding. We believe that in years to come, the photographs we take should bring back many happy memories as you look back at the time when you started out on your journey through life as husband and wife or partners together.


Whether you wish for a portrait of yourself or of a larger group, we will help you capture images that truly reflect your personality or the style of image you have in mind. Working either in your own home, on location or in a studio, as with all of our photography, we seek to make the occasion an enjoyable experience full of fun and laughter.


Our mission is to give you photographs that make you smile for years to come. We found this poem many years ago and it sums up our philosophy: 



To check our availability and coverage, give us a call 07960 83 84 61 or use our Contact us page.